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Providing complete earthmoving solutions

What do we do?

Our dynamic team brings years of experience to provide smart, reliable and complete excavation solutions. We’re results driven, with a proven record of previous successes.


At Raptor Excavation, we know that having a proper drainage system is really important, therefore our specialized team provide high quality drainage works that lasts!

Land Clearing

We have the power and ability to turn any place an ideal land for developing. With years of experience and tough equipment we undertakes small medium and large scale land development to suit your needs.


If you’re looking to completely makeover your compound, we have the men and machine to get your ideas on the ground.

Farm Development

If you’re looking forward to expand your farm, we cater for all your farm development needs from land clearing to proper access roads.

Road Construction

If your roads does not lead you to your best destination, we can surely help out! With years of experience making access roads, farm roads and daily usage roads we ensure that a road made by us will certainly lead you to your best destination!


Looking forward to build a house? Or a massive tower? We certainly have the solution! We can cater for all your foundation needs wether it is a house or a massive tower we got it all!

Residential Development

We are professionals when it comes to making your dream area for a new house. With years of experience we provide a high quality and detailed finishing to give you your dream home at your dream location.


Need material or equipment moved? We have the horsepowers in our fleet to get it done for you!

Bulk Excavation

For our dynamic team, no job is too big and no machine is too small. We undertake bulk excavation to move those massive tonnage of material for development or to get extend area.

Detailed Excavation

If you’re seeking to for some precision earthworks we have the skills on board to give you those millimeter that’s matter!

Concrete Works

Want a new concrete driveway? We got you all covered! Our team also does concrete works! Wether it be driveways or drains we got it all covered!


Our trucks have the capability to help move your equipment and material to your desired destination Viti Levi wide!

Save Money And Time

We Also Supply aggregate and building materials